Short Distance Triathlon Training Plans

Our extensive range of training plans require Full Membership and are available on the state of the art, Today's Plan training platform where you can sync and download your workouts to your garmin or zwift. MX Endurance Premium members also receive a 50% discount on a premium Today's Plan account.

MX Olympic Distance - Beginner

This is a perfect program for the athlete new to the sport of triathlon. No background required! With this program, we will slowly adapt you to the three disciplines and start to build a foundation while getting you healthy and fit.

Total Weekly hours : 6 to 8

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MX Sprint - Beginner

This 8-week Sprint Beginner plan is designed for our new members new to the sport of triathlon. With this plan you will easily finish your first triathlon while getting fit and healthy in the process. 

Starts with 5 hours per week and peaks at 7 hours

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Macca's 12 Week Olympic Distance - Advanced

With this 12-week Olympic Distance training plan we have created a platform that will build the necessary speed, power and endurance to race at the best of ones ability in any standard distance race. Enjoy a fantastic selection of MXPlus sessions incorporated into the weekly schedule so you feel the fitness gains weekly.

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MX Olympic Distance - Intermediate

This program is indicated for the athlete with a few races' experience and is looking to improve and/or even place in their age division. This program increases in volume from the Beginner plan with a couple of extra workouts per week. 

Total Weekly hours : 7 to 9 hours per week

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MX Olympic Distance - Advanced

This Olympic distance plan is designed for the seasonal athlete looking to perform at their best. This program requires a bit more time to train as it increases one or two more workouts a week from our Intermediate plan. 

Total Weekly hours : 8 to 11 hours a week

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