Ironman Triathlon Training Plans

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Macca's 140.6 - Advanced (15+ Hour Weekly)

This 16-week Iron Distance training plan suits the experienced long-distance triathlete who has over 15 hours/week to train for an upcoming event. The specific workouts and structure provide consistent volume and intensity to successfully improve fitness and compete at the best of one's ability.

This plan consists of 4 blocks of 3 weeks each followed by a recovery week (4th week). The first three blocks increase in volume with the third block starting a volume decrease. Each block contains a calculated blend of endurance, strength endurance and speed to cover all facets of fitness. This is
a plan designed to provide major improvement to your IM performance.

A 2-week taper is included in the last block.

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Macca's 140.6 - Advanced (3 Blocks)

The first 4 weeks focus on strength endurance, then a recovery 5th week with the focus on the swim. The next block is 4 weeks of distance focused workouts, building on aerobic base fitness. This is followed by a recovery week with a focus on running. The last block is speed based with sufficient distance work added to ensure aerobic fitness is not compromised. To finish off, the 15th week is recovery with a bike focus.

A 1 week taper is applied to the plan making 16 weeks.

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Macca's Challenge Roth Plan

We set out to build a training plan that provides specific workouts with relevant volume, intensity and duration with the aim of effectively preparing all fitness systems. You can be in the best shape to reach performance heights that you never knew you had! This plan includes MXPlus sessions that show full HD video workouts for complete step-by-step instruction from Chris McCormack to guide you through every aspect of the session.

We want this plan to be accessible to as many competitors as possible so that you can have solid structure, stay consistent, keep motivated and feel confident in the knowledge that come race day, you will ultimately have a great triathlon experience doing a Challenge event.

On completion of the full 12-week plan, it is recommended that you take a 2-week taper leading you into race day.

Get the inside knowledge from a 4-time winner of this iconic race!

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MX Full - Beginner

This Full Distance triathlon program is designed for the athlete looking to do his first iron distance race. You may or may not have done a 70.3 race(s) and have limited time to train during the week. 

Total Weekly hours : 8 to 14 hours

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MX Full - Intermediate

This Full Distance triathlon plan is designed for the athlete that has done at least one IM race and is looking to improve their time. It is suited for the athlete that has a bit more time to train. You will also see here an increase of the number of workouts per week. 

Total Weekly Hours : 8 to 15 hours

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MX Full - Advanced

This Full Distance triathlon plan is designed for the serious athlete looking to be competitive at their age group rankings. This plan has one more workout than the Intermediate for an increase in weekly volume. 

Total Weekly Hours: 10 to 17 hours

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