#44 - OCT & NOV Race Recaps

  • Lionel Sanders 3peat at IM Arizona
  • Weekend review

Arizona Ironman

The guys discuss Lionel Sanders’ incredible progress. The Rocky Balboa of triathlon

Island House Tri and that epic sprint between Ben Kanute and Terenzo.

  • If Kona happened in November Terenzo could be world champ! He runs off rhythm until he’s done then starts again. Is Terenzo racing Bahrain or Western Sydney?
  • Macca’s picks for the weekend:

Western Sydney 70.3

Bahrain 70.3 – should be an easy $1m for Daniela

Phuket 70.3 – weak field with so many big races


  • Is there money to be made in triathlon?
  • Jan Frodeno – coming off a soft year what’s his strategy for a comeback. Is he intimidated by the likes of Lionel Sanders?
  • Career longevity – the impact of so many races
  • Patrick Lange – someone Macca never picked to win Kona
  • Gwen Jorgensen’s move to marathon – an easier lifestyle choice with a family. Will Flora Duffy fill her shoes in triathlon.
  • Younger athletes will do well at Olympics with the shorter distance – Zaferes, Cook, Gorman, Brown – USA very strong
  • Last big race of the year at IMWA – Terenzo defending
  • Alistair Brownlee – plans for 70.3/Olympics/Ironman
  • Macca’s travels – Superleague where to next?
  • Questions

Superleague for IM triathletes – any advice

What format would Age Groupers prefer?

MaccaX camps around Superleague races

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