#42 - Jersey Super League + 2017 Kona Predictions

  • What’s going on, America? Tom Petty, Hugh Hefner, incident in Las Vegas .... WTF? 
  • How often is Macca running/training?
  • MaccaNOW and MaccaX at Super League Jersey – guest-starring Alistair Brownlee
  • Swozzi, HeiQ designed Super League Jersey uniforms
  • Next Super League Triathlon event…
  • Big takeaways from Super League Triathlon
  • Women’s race – Katie Zaferes, Nicola Spirig
  • Men’s race – Kristian Blummenfelt
  • Breakout commentating from Alistair Brownlee and Vicky Holland
  • Prize money breakdown
  • How many days of racing is ideal
  • Like the Super League Triathlon Facebook Page
  • Two weeks from Kona – who’s mentally there?
  • Lionel Sanders getting plenty of fan support
  • Pete Jacobs, Frederik van Lierde, Sebastian Kienle all won Kona once, only previous champions racing
  • War is between Kienle, Jan Frodeno, James Cunnama, Sanders
  • Kona record 8:03 – who could break it? Winds of Kona
  • Most races set up for faster times unlike Kona
  • Tim Don vulnerable on bike but tactically strong on run
  • Bike ride is more aggressive, impacts the marathon
  • Macca’s Kona races – does he miss it?
  • Normann Stadler and Macca now on good terms
  • Effect of social media on athlete mental state
  • Women’s race is Daniela Ryf’s to lose, sorry Chrissie
  • Triple Crown is on – Ryf and Javier Gomez
  • Shaikh Nasser Bin Hamad Al Khalifa wants to qualify for Kona
  • MaccaX member Evelyn Salama racing in Kona – best tips for a first-timer
  • Macca going to Beijing for Under Armour


Team MaccaX Questions:

Stuart Gray – How to manage own expectations after setting new PRs?

Ian Farrell – What do you think of the run-walk strategy for Ironman marathon?


Kona underdog predictions:

  • James Cunnama in red-hot form with mega-run
  • Lionel Sanders could be in top 10
  • Sebastian Kienle
  • Ben Hoffman with consistent year, tough to beat, clever racer
  • Terenzo Bozzone needs a big performance, sweats a lot


Heat prep for Kona: dry heat vs. humid heat

Altitude training benefits smaller guys rather than big guys

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