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Medellin, Colombia a potential cycling and running haven, great weather

  • Busy city but great tracks and trails just outside
  • Like NZ but cheaper, welcomes investment and foreigners


ITU Long Distance Worlds

  • Congrats to MaccaX member Jenna-Caer Seefried, age group world champion
  • Original Ironman Canada course all the greats like Peter Reid raced on
  • 3-120-30, an ideal long distance format you can race til the finish
  • Lionel Sanders: Macca’s fave triathlete outside of Javier Gomez; has had the #1 season this year among the men; walked away from 70.3 Worlds to focus on Kona
  • Josh Amberger now working with the Trisutto group, same coach as Sarah Crowley’s
  • Sarah Crowley won ITU LD Worlds, has had the #1 season this year (Frankfurt, Cairns, going to Konai)



  • Frodeno has dodged big events; could he see Sanders as a threat?
  • Sanders has worked on his weaknesses, improved swim with Gerry Rodriguez
  • Tim Don’s 70.3 Worlds performance (3rd) was done off an Ironman build; able to drop the fast boys and strong at finish
  • Ben Hoffman, Brent McMahon
  • Kona doesn’t seem to have depth, unlike back in Macca’s day four previous champions were racing the field every year (Faris, Stadler, Crowie, Macca) plus Raelert and Chris Lieto; pressure was on defending champion to dictate the pace
  • Women’s side, Ryf to dominate completely with Crowley as potential challenger -- could Ryf be better than Chrissie?


Ironman 70.3 Worlds

  • Split men’s and women’s races; great course
  • Ryf crushed the field mentally even before the race, was in a great headspace
  • Defending champion Holly Lawrence imploded mentally (looking back instead of looking forward)
  • Emma Pallant starting to come through the distance -- learned the craft racing in Asia then ran through the field to finish 2nd
  • Coverage could be better, don’t just stay with the leaders; commentary lagged by 10 minutes
  • Awesome men’s race
  • Tim Reed vulnerable to big swimmers like Ben Kanute (racing Super League Jersey) who led out of the water and changed the dynamic
  • Javier Gomez was tactically smart, prepared to race this
  • Sebastian Kienle frustrated, could not put pressure on
  • Sam Appleton had a good year
  • Proves ITU athletes can succeed in long-course


Triple Crown

  • Gomez and Ryf going after it, with $2mil total on the line at Ironman 70.3 Bahrain


Javier Gomez

  • Should he move to Ironman? Not doing so he could miss out on peak years of racing
  • Still has Olympic dreams; Spain a contender for mixed relay gold in 2020


Super League Jersey

  • Who’s racing, who’s not racing
  • Two days of racing broadcast live on BBC and with massive broadcast distribution thanks to media partner Lagardere -- most distributed triathlon in history!
  • First women’s race
  • Jersey is NOT New Jersey
  • Corporate Mix: a way for sponsorships to come into the sport without locking anyone out
  • superleaguetriathlon.com
  • What will it take to win? What kind of conditions will athletes face?


  • Tips for the offseason? (Jenna-Caer Seefried)
  • Workouts to replace swimming while injured? (Anthony DiMauro)
  • What strength training to do in the offseason? (Lynda Rowan)
  • MaccaX members get an offseason strength training plan designed by Belinda Granger
  • How to train for long swim transitions if training mostly in pools? (Chris Stevens)
  • What was Macca's longest time out of the sport while he was competing and how did he approach rebuilding his volume and fitness? (David Procida)
  • How to make the most out of run training and get fast fast without getting injured or looking like a skeleton? (Anne-Louise McLean)

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