#37 - Phuket Camp ... Lot's of Triathlon Smack Talk ...


  • Lionel Sanders – New Ironman World Record at Ironman Arizona, his story and the person
  • Using the Indoor trainer 
    • Loretta Harris & Andy Potts 
  • Ashlee Gentle 
  • Gomez and Brownlee - going long 
    • Alister 70.3 Worlds 2017
    • Javier 70.3 Worlds 2017, Lond distance end of the year
  • Can anyone beat Jan Frodeno
  • Sebastian Kienle - Have we seen the best of him? 
  • Daniela Ryf Chrissie Wellington
    • Holly Lawrence, Amelia Watkinson
  • Ask Chris what it is that you look for when signing athletes other than performances.
  • Best piece of advice for any up and coming professional athlete 
  • Can the alter ego personality be taught or is it just something you’re born with?
  • How Chris became such a smack talker


Short talk with MaccaX members

Tim Ford who won his AG last week at Laguna Phuket Triathlon

  • From 125kgs to 165lbs
  • His story, what was the turning point?
  • Dealing with depression and being in denial. “I’m probably going to die”

Here is on old podcast with more details about Tim:


Craig Toh - over 32 MaccaX meet ups around the world

  • how to travel, train and stick to a program
  • MaccaX is his family away from his family


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