MXEndurance Race Team

As MaccaX continues to evolve we realise that to help elevate all the members of our endurance network we need some key members from around the world to help support the team. That is why we are excited to announce the new MX Endurance Race team, the high performance arm of MX Endurance.

We are seeking applications from athletes who fulfil SOME or ALL of the following criteria to join our MX Endurance Race Team. If you think you meet some of these criteria we would love to hear from you:

  1. Frequent Racers - Race regularly throughout the year. It doesn't matter if these are triathlons, cycling races, running events or anything else. They can be local or international.
  2. High Performers – Often at the pointy end of your age group? Been to a World Championship event? We are looking for some high performing athletes who race for results.
  3. Involved – are you an active part of your local endurance sport community? Do you find yourself often arranging group rides or runs? Would you be willing to help organise events in your local area or when you travel to an event? Do you coach a group of athletes?
  4. Socially Active – ok you got us! Yes, we are also after people who are active social media users who can help showcase what MX Endurance is all about. This doesn't mean you need as many followers as Macca! We are looking for people with a good following but also people who are genuinely engaged with their network. We want people to get involved with our community online and help nurture the experience for all of our members. No following or unfollowing, fake followers or bots!
  5. Fun & Supportive – We want people who will encourage and support each other rather than criticise. If you are the sort of person who would stop and help another rider change a tyre or happily share your lane in the pool, then we want to hear from you. If you are willing to laugh at yourself then apply!
  6. MaccaX Members – Preference will be given to past and existing MaccaX members. Even though we are evolving, at our core we are still all about creating a network of endurance athletes who are there to help and support each other. If you have been involved with us before we feel like you will have a good understanding of what we are about.

What we are offering.

If you are selected for our MX Endurance Race Team we are excited to offer you the following benefits:

  • Heavily discounted membership fees
  • Heavily discounted MX Merchandise – Our race gear stands out and we want to make it affordable for you to do so.
  • Free team race kit for World Championship qualifiers. We are also planning on making unique versions of our team kits for these races.
  • Big discounts from our partner brands – we don’t expect you to use them but with some of the discounts we have available you will probably want to.
  • Special support and mentoring from our team of MX Experts including dietitians, mindset, mobility, coaching and branding experts and of course a multiple world champion triathlete!
  • Full access to MX Endurance and all of its training resources and membership benefits.

What we expect

If you are accepted into our MX Endurance race team we would expect the following from you:

  • That you race regularly and conduct yourself to the highest possible standard (that means no drafting, littering or your helmet backwards!)
  • That you race in our team gear – we will be providing huge discounts on our entire range to make this extremely affordable. Plus we think the gear stands out so you will want to wear it anyway!
  • That you are willing to help promote MX Endurance both outside of the team and within it. This means you are active within our community and promote our activities outside of it.
  • That you lead from the front. Where possible you attend MX Endurance events and help to organise team catch ups in your local area or when you travel to an event.


  • Can I apply if I have my own coach?
    There is absolutely zero expectation that you are coached by an MX coach. In fact, if you have your own coach why not encourage them to get involved in our community too.
  • What if I have my own sponsors?
    There is absolutely no expectation that you use the products that we have partnered with. However, please check with us as there might be some problems with some of the logos we have on our team gear.
  • What if I am unsuccessful this time?
    We would still encourage you to join MX Endurance. By utilising our resources and team of experts you will be in a better position to apply next year and be successful.
  • Do I have to wear MX Endurance merchandise?
    Only when you race – with the exception of our team gear (which we will give you a big discount on) there is no expectation that you buy any of our team merchandise or wear it. We think you will want to but do not expect it.
  • Will you only accept fast athletes?
    Absolutely not! While we are looking for some fast athletes we want a good representation of the endurance sports community. The main things we are looking for are people who are involved.
  • I don't really race. Can I still apply?
    At this point in time we are looking for athletes to represent MX Endurance racing. However, we will be launching a special ‘social’ membership for people who don't really race. You will still get all the same benefits as an MX Endurance member just not the training resources.

Applications for 2019 season are now closed

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