#8 - The Traveling Triathlete

Hawaii 2013 Picks? Power Wattage Hart Rates New wave of atheletes Wheels over wetsuit?  Wheels over bike?  Pro Cycling Talk (Richie Port) Triathlon Australia ITU Versus Long Course  So you wanna be a Pro Triathlete?  Questions From The Audience:  What do you think of Brett Suttons interview about buying back the WTC? How do you think Pete Jacobbs will do at the Boston Marathon?  How to improve swim strength?  How do you prepare for a high altitude race if you don't live at high altitude? Does Viagra help for cycling?  What are the benefits of training at altitude and do you recommend it?  Honorable Mentions:  Jarvier Gomez, Graig Alexander, Caroline Steffan, Pete Jacobbs, Natasha Badman, Mark Allen, Thomas Hellregal, Bevan Docherty, Marinsa McCarfrie, Ivan Rayna, Andy Potts, Dirk Bockell, Marino Vanoenecker, Nicola Spirig, Leon Griffin, Richie Port, C.J Sutton, Cadel Evans, FRume, Alberto Contador, Nick Gates, James Hodge, Miles Stewart, Shane Sutton, Darren Smith, Kerry Classon, Lance Armstrong, 

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