#6 - Funniest Triathlon Video Ever

Chris and MG Discuss ... Geelong Long Course Review - (Australia) Husky Triathlon Review - (Australia) Ironman New Zealand - Preview Melbourne Ironman - Preview Abu Dhabi Triathlon - Preview Frankfert Ironman (July) - Preview www.MaccaX.com Questions .... #1 - Any advice for the 2 week taper leading up to an Ironman? #2 - What type of nutrition do you use for long training rides? #3 - If training late at night, and full of energy what recommendations do you have for nutrition to help you sleep rather than popping sleeping pills! Team MaccaX Wetsuit Winner! You gotta see this ... Honorable Mentions .... Craig Alexander, Cameron Brown, Clayton Fettell, Terenzo Bozzone, Peter Robinson, Luke Bell, Brad Katerfield, James Hodge, Chris Kemp, Melissa Hauschildt, Emma Moffatt, Liz Blatchford, Tim Reed, Lisa Marangon, Michelle Wu, Bevan Docherty, Sebastian Kienle, Pete Jacobs, Raelert Brothers, Eneko Lanos, Conrad Stoltz, Alister Brownlee, Paul Ambrose, Paul Amey, Jarvier Gomez, Mark Allen.

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