#5 - The Lost Episode

Overview .... Chasing Ironnman Points as a professional Panama 70.3 - Oscar Galindez at age 43 throwing it down! Peter Robinson coming out of retirement Sebastian Kienle goes to Orbea? Lance Armstrong Pay Off's & Race Fixing Swimmers Olympic Distance V's Ironman speed differences The first 10k of the bike at Kona + wheel changes for pros The evolution of Iron distance racing ... how much faster it's getting Ironman Japan Prize Money ... WTF? Sanchez Gone! Yet another drug cheat. Effects of Energy Drinks Geelong Long Distance Triathlon 2013 Predictions Questions from the MaccaX VIP Group - Join Here www.MaccaX.com (pricing going up at 500 members, capped out at 1000) 1 legged cycling on the trainer .... does this really help? How do you balance training, traveling, racing and family life? What's more important building the base or doing high intensity work? How do we fire our glute muscles, balance between quads and glutes for cycling and running. Mentions: Heather Wertell, Kelly Williamson, Oscar Galindez, Paul Ambrose, Lance Armstrong, Van Halen, Richie Cunningham, Paul Matthews, Clayton Fettell, Brad Kahlefeldt, Peter Robertson, Emma Moffatt, Craig Walton, Darren Smith, Annabel Luxford, Melissa Rollinson, Sebastian Kienle, Craig Alexander, Beyonce, Ray Lewis, Brett Sutton, Mark Allen, Dave Scott, Alister Brownlee, Scott Tinley, Spencer Smith, Craig Walton, Simon Lessing.

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