#44 - OCT & NOV Race Recaps

Lionel Sanders 3peat at IM Arizona Weekend review Arizona Ironman The guys discuss Lionel Sanders’ incredible progress. The Rocky Balboa of triathlon Island House Tri and that epic sprint between Ben Kanute and Terenzo. If Kona happened in November Terenzo could be world champ! He runs off rhythm until he’s done then starts again. Is Terenzo racing Bahrain or Western Sydney? Macca’s picks for the weekend: Western Sydney 70.3 Bahrain 70.3 – should be an easy $1m for Daniela Phuket 70.3 – weak field with so many big races   Is there money to be made in triathlon? Jan Frodeno – coming off a soft year what’s his strategy for a comeback. Is he intimidated by the likes of Lionel Sanders? Career longevity – the impact of so many races Patrick Lange – someone Macca never picked to win Kona Gwen Jorgensen’s move to marathon – an easier lifestyle choice with a family. Will Flora Duffy fill her shoes in triathlon. Younger athletes will do well at Olympics with the shorter distance – Zaferes, Cook, Gorman, Brown – USA very strong Last big race of the year at IMWA – Terenzo defending Alistair Brownlee – plans for 70.3/Olympics/Ironman Macca’s travels – Superleague where to next? Questions Superleague for IM triathletes – any advice What format would Age Groupers prefer? MaccaX camps around Superleague races

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