#37 - Phuket Camp ... Lot's of Triathlon Smack Talk ...

  Lionel Sanders – New Ironman World Record at Ironman Arizona, his story and the person Using the Indoor trainer  Loretta Harris & Andy Potts  Ashlee Gentle  Gomez and Brownlee - going long  Alister 70.3 Worlds 2017 Javier 70.3 Worlds 2017, Lond distance end of the year Can anyone beat Jan Frodeno ?  Sebastian Kienle - Have we seen the best of him?  Daniela Ryf Chrissie Wellington Holly Lawrence, Amelia Watkinson Ask Chris what it is that you look for when signing athletes other than performances. Best piece of advice for any up and coming professional athlete  Can the alter ego personality be taught or is it just something you’re born with? How Chris became such a smack talker   Short talk with MaccaX members Tim Ford who won his AG last week at Laguna Phuket Triathlon From 125kgs to 165lbs His story, what was the turning point? Dealing with depression and being in denial. “I’m probably going to die” Here is on old podcast with more details about Tim :   Craig Toh - over 32 MaccaX meet ups around the world how to travel, train and stick to a program MaccaX is his family away from his family   See more and join us on MaccaX

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