#3 - I'm Sorry

The boys breakdown the Oprah Interview with Lance. Wanaka Challenge, what the hell happened to Macca? Auckland 70.3, Terenzo takes a tumble. Christian Kemp, James Hodge and more. Ironman V's Challenge, Macca breaks it down. South Africa 70.3, Ironman boys run faster than the ITU boyz! What's that all about? Bart Aernouts, Ronnie Schildknecht, Will Clark, Tim Don. Jodie Swallow. 2 athletes passed away in the swim, why is that? MG gives his thoughts. Endurance racing and challenging courses, alternative courses that will push you to your limits. Tour down under, big crashes and high drama. MG was there and gives us the break down. Ironman New Zealand, Cameron Brown, Terenzo Bozzone, Bevan Docherty Panama 70.3 3 Questions of the Day ... #1 - What's the longest run you'd complete prior to an Iron Distance Race? #2 - What can we do to help cramping in the swim? #3 - Any training advice for someone who works night shifts?

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