#26 - Ask Macca Anything

Joanne Baxas  Best and worst thing about living in Thailand Noel Fenn  Why does life get in the way? Tim Ford  Norseman... How is it looking? Competing or completing? Mike Robinson  Is the burning sensation a good or bad thing? Noel Fenn  What's your best recovery tips for a iron distance race completed by someone who is barely conditioned to sprint distance race. **Spreecast must be done before Port Mac!** Adrian O'brien  Dehydration problems. How to hydrate before race day. I suffered again at mile 16 doing a marathon yesterday. Any tips? As I've another marathon in a few days Brett Murray  Are you going to have a cracked at any more big races? Bahrain, Oman, triple crown, or have we seen the last of Macca at the elite level and now just going to dominate the same bloody age group as me!!! For the next 20 year's I'll bet. Deirdre Robbins  How much electrolytes do you take per hour and is there a way to tell how much is best for each person Caroline Steffen  How organized are ya before a big A race? ...  Adrian O'brien  Who will be your support crew at Norseman James Bale  Any specific tips for Ironman Lanzarote? I'm going long sleeve top on cycle and run. Dai Roberts  How about the fast cadence swim vs slow cadence swim stroke current topic of heated debate? Anthony Holdsworth  Bike choice for Alcatraz. Any advice for the run. Jim Martin  Dealing w/ extreme heat & humidity when racing. I recently raced and had a terrific bike leg, got off the bike and thought...I feel great, time to run! About 2/3 of the way into the first of 3 loops, I was forced to walk. You know the rest of the story ... See More Stuart Gray  Should we ditch the technology now and again? I've found myself chasing numbers and not enjoying racing thus ending up in an ambulance!! If we train with power/HR would it be possible to race without the Garmins etc? Joanne Baxas  Best after party Bryan Dever  how tall are you  I'm normaly good with the inter-webs but i couldn't find it on google Jason Ripkey  What would you consider your weakest discipline? And how did you overcome it? Tim Ford  when will the Bahrain announcement happen? Phil Jarvis  Nutrition (On site) prior to a race. How do you get around getting quality nutrition in when the local food being offered isn't up to standard . Especially important if you have arrived 1/2 weeks before! Jones Karlström El Ouard  Are you going to race under the Bahrain team banner in the Norseman  Chris McCormack ?

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