Ben Hammond

Coach and Sports Scientist

Meet Ben

Ben Hammond is a bike fitter, coach and a former pro. He got into triathlon 15 years ago and spent a number of years in Europe on French Grand Prix and German Bundesliga teams.

His years of experience coupled with a degree in Exercise and Sports Science allows him to help his athletes efficiently use data to drive their training and performance.

It’s really easy to get caught up in numbers that don’t necessarily mean much. The biggest challenge is gaining actionable insights from all that “noise”.

“The biggest mistake people make is finding a ‘number’ or ‘metric’ they like and chasing to improve that number.”

In reality, training is dynamic and physiology is not simple. Some numbers are supposed to rise while others will fall. Without the right guidance, having too much data can very quickly become a hindrance to training. All the training tools in the world, the power meters, heart rate monitors, fancy algorithms and acronyms that tell you what you’re doing can very easily cause paralysis-by-analysis.

A coach who understands how to read all this data allows you to cut through paralysis-by-analysis and advise you on what actions you can take.

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