Adelaide Goodeve

Mindset Training

Master your mind.

Athletes spend a disproportionate amount of time increasing strength and speed - when the greatest payoff is increasing their brain’s capacity.

To rephrase IRONMAN: without the brain, nothing is possible.

Limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, unhelpful feelings and actions in and around training and racing and outside of sport can sabotage your performance. But there’s good news: you can train your brain, just like you train your body.

Think of mindset work as going to the ‘brain gym’, where you push your central nervous system to work harder, train it to be more resilient to fatigue (when used correctly), and increase its capacity to handle greater physical and mental loads.

During your training session you work your body physically hard to create the adaptions of improved strength, endurance and speed. You do the same with your brain for improved performance in triathlon.

There’s never been a better time to transform your mindset and push your limits to a completely new level.

MX Endurance is proud to welcome performance mindset coach Adelaide Goodeve to our roster of experts. Adelaide brings her expertise in neuro-linguistic programming and brain endurance training to help MX Endurance members raise the bar in the coming season, racing or no racing.

performance mindset expert Adelaide Goodeve

“You can never stop learning, have game-changing breakthroughs and you can always re-wire your brain for the life you want. I want to teach and show MX triathletes that they can achieve their goals both in and outside of sport, achieve that work-family-training balance and have a brilliant time doing it, too!”

Shave minutes off your time, increase race confidence and focus, develop powerful habits and achieve better life balance -- it’s all possible.

The brain reigns over performance, and in working with athletes where the core of all their abilities come from, Adelaide is able to increase performance and resilience, and decrease pain, injury and movement issues. Athletes in all sports can be stronger, faster, more accurate, agile, mobile, and more alert than ever before.

Adelaide has personal experience in the power of the mind making all the difference. In 2009, her mental and physical health deteriorated and she was diagnosed with severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/ME).

“After four years of failing, I overcame CFS/ME in just three days by learning how to re-wire my brain. I went from nearly bedridden to becoming an Ironman athlete and performance coach for pro and amateur athletes.”

She has since gone on to compete in two ironmans, several adventure expeditions, and qualify for the 2021 Challenge Family World Championships.

The athletes she works with have knocked off up to 40 minutes from their race times and broken national records. Even better, they have learned to go from being anxious and stressed to being unbreakable calm and confident and are able to stay focused and motivated and dig deep to go all in like never before.

“I know firsthand what it feels like to overcome the impossible. And I know that whatever is in your way can be made obsolete with the right tools. I’ll show you how.”

Your physical self has limits, but with the right mindset, you can extend your limits and accomplish the unbelievable.